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As you may be aware, we recently hosted a contest on our Facebook page. We challenged users to share how they’ve used Yammer to start a conversation that mattered. After all, our users are theheart of what we do at Yammer, and this contest was to celebrate your Yammer successes.

As our first Facebook contest, we were unsure of the results – but wow, we were completely blown away! We received so many great submissions, it was very difficult to chose a winner. To ensure a fair process, we asked the public to vote on answers during a five day period. After the public vote, we took the top answers to a panel of judges consisting of both Yammer employees and customers.

Even with the submissions narrowed down, our decision was not an easy one. We rated answers based on creativity, memorability and how well the submission incorporated Yammer. After tallying up the totals, the top three were so close! The top three answers were so great, we just had to share them with you. Take a look for yourself!

First Place: The Sweet Smell of Success by Sam P.

Hello there, my name is Sam. I work in the marketing department of an International fragrance house, having recently graduating from University. As a business, we pride ourselves on being able to create the best contemporary fragrances that help drive our success and our customers’ success.

Working within the ever-changing fragrance industry we have an obligation to continually identify product and fragrance trends globally within the markets of fine fragrance, home fragrance, household care and personal care. In order to achieve this I realised that as a global team, must internally communicate new and interesting product launches worldwide.

I pitched the idea of using Yammer’s services at one of our Marketing and Development Seminars in early December 2011. Since then, we have had 118 employees successfully connected to and become engaged within our internal network on Yammer.

When an employee comes across a new and/or interesting product, be it on a shelf at the local supermarket or browsing on the Internet, this information can instantly be shared with every colleague in our network for reference and discussion via or via the desktop or smartphone application. This is where Yammer excels in facilitating our needs to track key product launches, both globally and instantly.

Yammer has enhanced our market awareness. For example, a niche trend in US air care fragrances may transcend borders and become the next biggest trend within the European or Asian markets so we are able to stay on trend with the fragrances we develop for our customers and keep them up-to-date on the key fragrance trends their consumers will desire in the months and years ahead.

Yammer has enriched the communication of our employees globally and acts as the first source to go to get the latest industry news, share ideas, give suggestions, ask questions and just generally work together. This has generated a content-rich and valued lasting conversation among our employees worldwide, connecting team members who may have never met or spoke to each other before.

We have found that the ability to ask questions to the network and create polls has proved both interesting and rewarding for team cohesion. I strongly believe that crowd-sourcing ideas from a work force is a great way to boost team morale, self-worth and allow for increased employee recognition.

We believe Yammer is a fantastic tool and we are looking forward to increasing the number of employees within our network over the next few months and plan to use its services to further increase our corporate community in the future.


Second Place: Engaging With Travel Agents to Drive Sales by David J

We’ve started using Yammer to engage our 3,000 travel agent partners who sell our holidays. Since December we now have >200 people in this External Network.

We’ve started and participated in many conversations, spreading the love from our in-house Trade Support team to agents all over the country. This small team of 5 people only get to see a few per week, so Yammer increases their reach.

In my example below, Yammer has helped us close the loop between our product teams and the point of distribution to customers in travel agents’ shops.

In one case, a travel agent asked us whether a specific type of “interconnecting” room could be found for a family booking. Typically, when booking long-haul, this kind of availability is very difficult to find on travel reservation systems. The agent’s post on Yammer found it’s way to our Managing Director, who found it interesting and @mentioned particular members of the product team. They reacted within 30 minutes and phoned the agent in question with some solutions.

All of this speedy interaction – that would have never happened without Yammer – led to a booking worth £1000s and margin we can directly attribute to the tool!

That’s just one small case study out of loads in our network. We heart Yammer 🙂


Third Place: Amazing Degree of Honesty about Benefits Planning by Isaac P

I had questions about how changing coverage on one of our health plans would impact care, and whether it would be worth it. 66 replies later, and I had the most engaging and candid conversation about insurance I had ever seen. This was far better than just asking a couple of people around the water cooler. Most of the participants in the thread were people I had never met, and many were people who had children around my age.

Being able to hear from all of them, with specific examples of exactly what was (and was not) covered was essential to the decision we made. It was also helpful for many of them, and no telling how many others who were merely eavesdropping on the conversation.

This is exactly the sort of thing Yammer does well — leverage expertise within your organization from people you would never have known to ask. Yes, Yammer just saved me money. That’s the bottom line.


We want to congratulate our winners and thank all of our participants for taking the time to share a unique Yammer story. If these stories have inspired you, tell us how you’ve used Yammer to start a conversation that mattered in the comments below!

Update: Our first place winner Sam Pringle received his iPad and tweeted this lovely Thank You note drawn on his iPad — featuring the Yammer logo!

Source: via Yammer on Pinterest


Enjoy your iPad, Sam!

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