By | October 1, 2016

Love the Activity Stream integrations we launched back in November? Well, we’ve got more where that came from! Today we’re pleased to announce another batch of enterprise applications we’re teaming up with to deliver aggregated business activity to Ticker, where coworkers can easily manage and discuss it.

In addition to streaming activity stories generated in Yammer and our existing partner apps, Ticker can now stream real-time stories from SAP, Planview, Kindling, Sparqlight, and GageIn. Many of these applications, and others like MoreOver, have even installed Yammer plug-ins inside their apps to deepen the integrations. Check out more details on each:


Yammer SAP Connector by Freeborders: The IT consulting service publishes SAP updates in Ticker, helping companies realize the full benefit of their SAP investments.

Planview: The portfolio and program (PPM) management solution, Planview Enterprise, employs Yammer Connect and Yammer Embed for publishing PPM stories in Ticker as they are happening.

Kindling: The ideation company publishes new ideas, votes, comments and other updates in the Ticker, building awareness and engagement for innovation campaigns.

Sparqlight: The cloud-based workflow management platform utilizes the Login Button to seamlessly authenticate users and publishes workflow task stories in Ticker.

GageIn: The news aggregation platform posts articles directly to Yammer in addition to publishing stories about key topics and forum activity into the Ticker.

MoreOver: The media-monitoring platform utilizes Yammer Embed to add a conversation layer to the content delivery tool.

In addition to teaming up with more third-party developers, we’re also working with affiliate partners to help paying customers maximize returns on their Yammer investment. Our new Affiliate Partner Program certifies consultants, systems integrators, and technology advocates to drive the next wave of enterprise social networking. Launch affiliate partners include Coso Media, Gurnet Consulting, Katapult Consulting, Lassen Innovation, Mavin Digital, Seibert Media, The Softjoe Collaborative, Total Image and Winwire Technologies.

These affiliates are equipped with the training and resources necessary to optimize your Yammer network for success. Contact your CSM to learn more about how our affiliates can help your paid network reach its goals. If you’re a business interested in becoming a certified affiliate partner, please contact

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