By | October 1, 2016

Dear Yammer users, you are the heart of what we do at Yammer! With conversations and action arising from those conversations, you imagine and boldly pursue the futures of your companies. You are the ones driving business value, converting non-believers into Yammer champions, inciting radical transparency and transforming your organizations. We simply provide a platform for this to happen, but you — our amazing and inspirational users — are the ones making magic happen.

Business transformation is a big goal, and yet everything starts with a simple conversation. Some conversations help a colleague get something done, some turn around entire organizations, some save businesses money, some help companies simply become better and retain employees, some help them delight customers and partners. Whether you are transforming an entire business or meeting a single goal — large or small — conversations matter. Today, on Valentine’s Day, we want to thank you for having these conversations and shine the spotlight on you. We invite you to share with the Yammer community the story of a conversation that mattered — today and every day. Your story of how a conversation led to a business outcome can inspire others to start conversations at their companies. And here’s a bonus: if you share your story within the next week, you can win a prize! Check out the contest button on the right side of our blog, or get more information via our Facebook page.

You have the power of the conversation, and we are so grateful for our partnership!

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