More places to learn about Excel 12 …

Something that I wanted to cover briefly was some other sources for Excel 12 content and news.  Some of you may have already run into these links, but to make sure everyone has the benefit, here you go: First, the Office Marketing Group has set up a preview site where you can see a summary… Read More »

Some other numbers …

As part of the Excel team’s work to increase the number of rows and columns in Excel 12, we also increased a number of the other “limits” in the product.  This work falls into a two categories. First, we increased a number of limits to support our “big grid” work.  These are limits that we… Read More »

The big picture …

Before I carry on digging into the details of the new and improved features in Excel 12, I wanted to make sure everyone had a good sense for the work we’ve done in this version.  When we were planning Excel 12, we spent a significant amount of time talking to a wide variety of customers. … Read More »

Let’s start with some “big” news …

Greetings.  My name is David Gainer, and I am the Group Program Manager for Microsoft Excel.  Starting today, I am joining several other members of the Microsoft Office team in sharing information about the upcoming release of Microsoft Office.  Specifically, I am going to be writing about what is new in Excel 12 (that’s a… Read More »

Meet the Excel 12 formula bar, or “don’t hijack my grid!”

I’d like to shift gears a bit and talk about the work we’ve done to improve the experience around building and editing formulas.  For most customers, this is a core activity in their daily use of the product.  In planning for this version of Excel, we took a hard look at the features in this… Read More »

Managing External Database Connections in Excel 12

Now that we have covered OLAP formulas, I would like to explain a set of work we did in the area of “connection management” in Excel 12 workbooks.  Specifically, I want to show you three new things that you can do in a workbook that is connected to external data (whether that is an Access… Read More »

Office Online Server November release

In May, we released Office Online Server (OOS), which allows organizations to provide your users with browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, among other capabilities offered in Office Online, from your own datacenter. We will deliver most of new Office Online features to Office Online through regular updates. Today, we are releasing our… Read More »

Introducing a new file experience for groups in Outlook on the web

We’ve recently announced a number of enhancements to Office 365 Groups, such as the ability to collaborate via email with external team members and the new Outlook Groups iPad app. Today, we are announcing a new file experience for groups in Outlook on the web. People frequently rely on email to edit and share documents… Read More »