Office 365 Service Assurance—gaining your trust with transparency

As customers consider the transition to the cloud, we often hear that they want to ensure security, privacy and compliance requirements are met. At Microsoft, we believe that customers have the right to know how Office 365: Safeguards confidentiality, integrity, availability and reliability of your data. Let’s you control access to your data. Helps you… Read More »

Customize Office 2016 Click-to-Run Installations

In today’s Ask the Admin, I’ll show you how to customize Office 2016 Click-to-Run installations for use in your organization. Microsoft distributes Office 2016 to consumers and Office 365 users using Click-To-Run, a streaming and virtualization technology that’s based on App-V. There are several advantages to distributing Office with Click-to-Run, as opposed to a traditional… Read More »

Scan your documents to OneNote with the Brother ADS-1500W

Steve Feldstein is the Director of Laser and Scanner Products at Brother International. Brother International Corporation recently updated their ADS-1500W Wireless Enabled Compact Scanner to support direct scanning to OneNote, which can help virtually everyone in your convert paper documents into electronic files and make them available for online sharing and collaboration. Once scanned into… Read More »

OneNote now on Mac, free everywhere, and service powered

When we started OneNote we set out to revolutionize the way people capture, annotate, and recall all the ideas, thoughts, snippets and plans in their life. As many of you have attested, OneNote is the ultimate extension for your brain, but it’s not complete if it’s not instantly available everywhere. We’ve already made a lot… Read More »

Lens: A OneNote scanner for your pocket

Today we announced three major OneNote developments, including Lens, a neat new app in the Windows Phone Store. The same functionality is built into the Windows 8 and iOS OneNote apps and can be accessed through the camera button in each app. Lens is an app that’s like having a scanner in your pocket. You can… Read More »

OneNote Clipper: Clip the web, right to OneNote

Today we announced three major OneNote developments, including the OneNote Clipper, the easiest way to save anything on the web to OneNote with just one click. Think of it as your camera for the web, snapshotting any webpage you see directly into OneNote. Researching for a big trip? Gathering recipes for an upcoming party? Collecting… Read More »

Introducing OneNote for Mac

Today we announced three major OneNote developments, including the first version of OneNote for Mac. We are very excited and proud to deliver this to you today. We’ve seen the countless requests for a Mac client of OneNote, and we’ve been hard at work to deliver it. We’ve been counting the days to finally share… Read More »

Webinar: Introducing OneNote for Ma

Wish fulfilled: OneNote is now available for Mac. If you’re a newbie, we’ll show you why OneNote rocks as we take it for a spin. If you have notebooks on your PC, we’ll show you how to use them on your Mac. Need a sneak peek? Here’s a 30-second trailer. What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar… Read More »

How LexisNexis Drew People to Yammer

Adopting social media in the workplace as a fundamental communication tool can be an uphill battle. LexisNexis–a computer-assisted legal research services corporation–knew this, so they devised a rather clever way to drive early adoption of Enterprise Social: house unique and dynamic content only on Yammer. They began by posting anything from exclusive Q&As with executives… Read More »