Compact message header in Outlook 2013

Ronak Trivedi is a program manager on the Outlook engineering team. We are excited to announce that we’ve taken all the feedback we’ve received and used it to design a compact version of the email message header in Outlook 2013. The new message header gives you control over the header information you see, so that… Read More »

Don’t miss the Microsoft Exchange Conference!

We’re a few weeks away from the biggest Exchange conference of the year, and I hope that anyone considering a move to 365 or Exchange 2013 will join us in Austin, Texas March 31- April 2nd.  I was just at the SharePoint Conference, and while there, I was struck by how valuable these in-person events… Read More »

Discover Calendar Search in Outlook Web App

Neel Joshi is a Program Manager on the Exchange engineering team and Steve Chew is a Senior Product Marketing Manager on the Exchange technical marketing team. Have you ever been in the situation where you wanted to find an event on your calendar but you weren’t quite sure which week it was happening? Or where… Read More »

Data Mining In Excel

One of the technologies available in SQL Server Analysis Services is data mining.  You can read lots more about it here. We have just released a set of add-ins for Excel (“The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Data Mining Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2007″) that allow users to take advantage of SQL Server 2005 predictive analytics in… Read More »

Deprecated Features For Charting

Today Eric Patterson continues his discussion on Compatibility. Last week I described the features that we have deprecated for Excel 2007.  Today I want to expand on that list to include the features related to Charting in Office 2007.  There has been a lot of work in Office 2007 to move charting to use a… Read More »

The Add-In Tab

Over the course of this blog, I think I have covered to some degree every tab in Excel 2007 except for the Add-Ins tab.  Accordingly, today, I wanted to present some information on the Add-Ins tab. It turns out that there is already some good information out there on the Add-Ins tab, so here are… Read More »

Deprecated features for Excel 2007

Today Eric Patterson returns with a few more guest posts on Compatibility. Thus far the discussion about compatibility has been focused on how new features in Excel 2007 are handled when saving files to previous versions or when working in Compatibility Mode.  The flip side of the discussion is the list of features that are… Read More »

PivotTable Compatibility

Today Eric Patterson finishes his series of posts on compatibility. For my last post about compatibility, I would like to drill down into more detail on Excel’s PivotTable feature.  In Excel 2007, we have invested a lot of our time improving PivotTables.  If you are just joining, you can find a number of blog posts… Read More »

Making Excel Services UDFs Work in Excel 2007

Shahar Prish, one of the developers on the Excel Services team, has recently posted a few entries on his blog that explain how to make Excel Services UDFs work in Excel 2007.  (UDF stands for “user defined function”, which refers to custom functions that you can create to supplement Excel’s set of intrinsic worksheet functions… Read More »