Referencing Tables From RefEdit Controls

SamRad is back with another guest post.  Today Sam is writing about another feature he worked on – supporting table referencing from places other than the formula bar.  Enjoy. Dave posted about Tables and the new “structure referencing” feature in previous posts … see here for the details.  You’ll be happy to know that the… Read More »

Project updates at Ignite 2016

It was an exciting week for Project at Ignite 2016. We had some great sessions, which are now available online. If you were not able to attend Ignite, these online sessions provide a great overview of the latest happenings in the Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management space. Learn about the future of Microsoft PPM—A view… Read More »

3 most critical details of online file storage

Cloud storage has become a critical part of today’s business model. In fact, recent studies find that more than half of all enterprises consider the cloud an essential component of success—and they’re not afraid to put their money where their mouth is. Those same companies dedicate a whopping 50 percent or more of their IT… Read More »

Crash course on boosting productivity with Office 365 plus live Q&A

With our modern-day mobile workforce, more and more employees are working from home and on the go. We’ve become accustomed to hosting online meetings and collaborating in the cloud. To help you expand the digital capabilities of your team, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Office 365 Live Demo webinar series. These free… Read More »

Demonstrate enterprise features with the Office 365 test lab guides

Office 365 Enterprise E5 has a host of great features tailored to an enterprise organization’s needs for additional security (Advanced Security Management), enhanced protection (Advanced Threat Protection) and the ability to quickly locate and analyze emails, files and other resources that meet specific criteria (Advanced eDiscovery). To configure these new features and show them working… Read More »

We now return to conditional formatting – what’s a colour scale?

The second new visualization that we have added to Excel 12 is something we are calling “colour scales” (again, that may change later when we finish official feature naming).  It shares a lot with data bars as described in a previous post – it is a comparison between a selected range of cells, it uses… Read More »