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Organize information, people and projects with SharePoint

You’ve been tasked with creating a new product for your company, so you’ll need to build a team, brainstorm on ideas, design a prototype and create a launch timeline.  To start, your project needs a home–the “go-to” place for all project resources. You’ve already been using SkyDrive Pro to store your work documents in the… Read More »

New to Office 365 in April

Several Office 365 updates this month can help companies of all sizes accelerate the digital transformation within their organization. We released Outlook Customer Manager, introduced Microsoft To-Do in Preview, extended Designer to PowerPoint on iPad, added support for Office 365 Groups in additional Office apps and more. Read on for the details. Outlook Customer Manager… Read More »

Customize Office 2016 Click-to-Run Installations

In today’s Ask the Admin, I’ll show you how to customize Office 2016 Click-to-Run installations for use in your organization. Microsoft distributes Office 2016 to consumers and Office 365 users using Click-To-Run, a streaming and virtualization technology that’s based on App-V. There are several advantages to distributing Office with Click-to-Run, as opposed to a traditional… Read More »

Scan your documents to OneNote with the Brother ADS-1500W

Steve Feldstein is the Director of Laser and Scanner Products at Brother International. Brother International Corporation recently updated their ADS-1500W Wireless Enabled Compact Scanner to support direct scanning to OneNote, which can help virtually everyone in your convert paper documents into electronic files and make them available for online sharing and collaboration. Once scanned into… Read More »

OneNote now on Mac, free everywhere, and service powered

When we started OneNote we set out to revolutionize the way people capture, annotate, and recall all the ideas, thoughts, snippets and plans in their life. As many of you have attested, OneNote is the ultimate extension for your brain, but it’s not complete if it’s not instantly available everywhere. We’ve already made a lot… Read More »

UK Ministry of Defence on the frontline of cloud-based data protection with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Today’s post was written by Ron Markezich, corporate vice president for Microsoft. Today, providing security on any front requires a willingness to adopt leading-edge technologies. So it’s great to see the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the United Kingdom assume a leadership role in their decision to adopt the Microsoft Cloud, as well as Office… Read More »


With more people getting work done and collaborating with others on their mobile devices, organizations are finding it even harder to secure their sensitive data. We see many organizations making it a priority to better secure their sensitive content no matter the device being used to access and share it. To help organizations empower their… Read More »


Today, Microsoft announced the preview of Microsoft Stream, a new business video service that makes it easier to access and discover video content inside your organization. Microsoft Stream builds upon the learnings and success of Office 365 Video, and over time the two experiences will converge, making Stream the de facto video experience in Office 365.… Read More »


Graduation is over, summer is in full swing and all you’re thinking about is summer concerts, pool time and road trips—right? Well if you’re a recent grad that still hasn’t landed a job or internship, you probably have one thought looming on your mind and ruining the fun: what are you going to do with… Read More »