By | October 1, 2016

Today we’re excited to announce a long-awaited analytics dashboard, which will allow our customers greater visibility into their network activity. It’s been one of the most highly requested features, and we worked closely with a group of our customers to spec it out.

More specifically, Version 1 of Yammer analytics will include the following metrics:

  • Overview: Increase in members, likes, messages, files, and pages across the defined time span.
  • Members: Number of members engaged (including a visual chart for engaged users), new members and total members, across a defined time span.. This is a critical update to member counts that existed in the admin panel previously. By helping users understand how many members are actively engaging with Yammer, steps can be taken to boost engagement. For the purposes of this metric, we define an engaged user as anyone who posted, commented or liked a piece of content.
  • Messages: Number of messages posted — private and group —  across the defined time span, as well as cumulative messages.
  • Groups: Number of active groups and new groups, as well as total, public and private groups. This metric also includes top 5 performing groups across the defined time span.
  • Files: Number of files (total and uploaded), as well as file views — across the defined time span. We will also include a visual chart of uploaded files — see below.
  • Pages: Number of total pages, pages created and edited, as well as the number of page views — across the defined time span. We will also chart the number of pages created, as well as top 5 Pages (based on views) — see below.
  • Access: Breakdown of how users access your network, through the following:
    • Application: Website, Desktop, Sharepoint, Mobile, Embed and Other
    • Mobile Application: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iPad

For all the above metrics, you can choose to view statistics for the past 7 days or the past 28 days.

We are very excited to bring this capability to our customers. Not only will this allow a Yammer community manager or admin to better understand how the users are interacting with and using Yammer; all users in Premium networks will be able to view the Analytics Dashboard. Yammer believes in democratizing knowledge across organizations and empowering people to do the best they can do with this knowledge. This is why we are making analytics accessible to all users in premium networks, not just admins. We believe that the more users know, the more healthy the network will be, as everyone can collectively shape its direction.

The Analytics Dashboard will begin rolling out today and will be available to all premium networks by March 31, 2012. We will continue to improve our analytics and will work closely with our customers to do so.

How do you see the Analytics Dashboard impacting the way you use Yammer?

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